IT Operations Management
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We help companies Increase Revenue, Decrease Cost and Mitigate Risk by optimizing IT Operations and Services Management

Who We Are


Our Experience

We are not just consultants.   We are seasoned IT operators and leaders.   From analysts to engineers to CIO/CTOs, we've been there, done that.  We have faced the challenges of getting more productivity out of our IT and technology departments with increasingly limited resources.  

Our goal is to help you deliver the highest uptime at the lowest cost and with a strong understanding of the potential risk in your operations.

We want to put our decades of experience to work for you.  With ITOMAC, you don't just get expensive PowerPoint decks.   You get action plans and the experienced team to help you implement change.   We have experience in:

  • Internal and External Customer System Uptime Gain
  • Infrastructure / Cloud Migration Management 
  • Domestic and International Team Development 
  • Key Resource Acquisition and Retention
  • International Outsourcing and Insourcing
  • Budget Management
  • Procurement, License/Maintenance Rationalization
  • Full Stack IT Operations Management
  • Process/Workflow Engineering (ITIL, Custom, etc.)
  • Complete Reporting and Dashboarding
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning
  • And much more


Our Approach

Every company needs better service uptime to maximize revenues.  They have pressure to operate with lower IT cost structures, reengineer operating models based on legacy models, and take advantage of automation and scalability.  They need to understand risk, known or unknown, and have mitigation plans.  

The ITOMAC Operational Assessment© is the answer to identifying these opportunities, developing the recommendations and plans and executing the delivery.   We can work along with your team or perform the work independently -- reducing operational disruption.

The ITOMAC Operational Assessment© service can be very specific based on client request.   Or we can be engaged to perform a complete assessment of your entire operations or within a specific scope of the operations.   For instance, you may want to assess your Incident/Problem Management and Root Cause Analysis processes to reduce Mean Time to Detect and Mean Time To Resolve critical incidents.   This is where the ITOMAC expertise can really help your IT department deliver better results to the business!

We will perform a comprehensive assessment of people, process, tools, technology, and governance to identify areas of improvement and to meet project objectives.   We will provide a full report with our observations, options and recommended actions.   Our recommendations could include slight modifications to existing operations, or could be much larger ins scope depending on the level of improvements needed.   They could include organization structure alignment, tool deployment, process engineering and knowledge documentation, automation projects, and more.   

All recommendations from the ITOMAC Operational Assessment© are mapped to revenue enhancement, cost reduction, and risk identification and mitigation.