Our Services


Sometimes you need a "fresh set of eyes" to help explore opportunities or tackle operational problem areas.   The ITOMAC Advisory Service is here to be your trusted advisor.  We have the seasoned and skilled professionals to help as you consider new strategies or want to understand how different approaches may impact your operations. 

Our advisory services are based on decades of real life experience at all levels of IT.   As we have broad cross-industry experience, we have a great feel for best practices.

Most of our services start with the ITOMAC Operational Assessment©.   Contact us today to get started.


One of the outcomes of the ITOMAC Operational Assessment© may be to initiate certain projects to implement the changes necessary to improve your uptime, decrease your revenue or mitigate risk.

The ITOMAC team has years of experience in project and program management.   We even have experience leading enterprise PMOs, if needed.  We can plan, lead and deliver projects that will help you maximize your IT Services Delivery.   We can work along side your existing team or we can work as a temporary supplement to your team.  We have the flexibility and scale to meet your project needs.

Managed Services

After completing the ITOMAC Operational Assessment©, some clients may realize that certain competencies are better managed by a team of resources with specific skills and expertise.  This might include Tier 1 and Tier 2 Incident Management Services.   It may include Internal Help and Service Desks or even Field Services.

With the evolution of technology and the on-going challenge of acquiring and retaining quality resources,  deploying a managed services approach may be the best solution for you and your organization.

The ITOMAC team can help tailor a service that meets your specific needs at a cost you can afford.